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Water Purifiers

Chemical and Electricity Free!  
Did you know?

We are distributors for the "Seagull® IV" Water Purifiers , the finest water purifying system world wide. Manufactured by General Ecology, Inc. in Exton Pennsylvania USA, the "Seagull IV" Water Purifiers adopt a new revolutionary concept in water purification technology, known as "STRUCTURED MATRIXT" technology.

We should drink 2 to 3 litres of fresh water per day (fruit juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks are not classed as water)
Certified to Remove the following:
Viruses Dirt / Sediments
Harmful Bacteria Foul Tastes
Cysts Odour
Pesticides Cryptosporidia
Herbicides Giardia
Solvents Radioactive Particles
Chlorine Anthrax

More information is available at the Purifiers Australia Pty Ltd, the importers of this wonderful product.

Popular systems available:
Seagull IV X-1F

The Seagull IV X-1F system is a truly unique, compact, point-of-use appliance designed to change virtually any treatable non-salt water into delicious drinking water that is both safe and enjoyable to consume.

Because the Seagull IV X-1F unit was developed with aircraft, yachting and recreational vehicle applications in mind, it is especially rugged, dependable, simple, and easily serviced. It requires no addition of chemicals and no electricity. The Seagull IV X-1F is a chemical free drinking water purification system.

Nature Pure

An affordable under sink drinking water purification system. Nature Pure is certified to meet Federal Standards against all micro-organisms. This purifier offers "all round protection" in one compact, value loaded, economical system. This is a very popular product for caravans and RV (Recreational Vehicles).

Seagull IV X-6
Seagull IV X-6 Drinking Water Purification System provides all the benefits and effectiveness of the Seagull IV X-1F drinking water purifier in a higher flow rate, higher capacity configuration.

Spark-L-Pure units are intended for use with water supplies that are considered to be bacteriologically safe. Using General Ecology's Aqua-Polish® - 7 cartridge modules, Spark-L-Pure systems provide a rated flow of 26 GPM - more than enough for a households total supply, and for many commercial and industrial applications. Aqua-Polish modules are able to remove fibres, visible dirt and scale, chlorine, foul tastes, odours, and other particulate contaminates, by incorporating extremely fine Microfiltration, Broad Spectrum Adsorption/Molecular Sieving, and Electrokinetic Attraction into General Ecology, Inc's unique Structured MatrixT technology.

First Need Deluxe

The First Need® series are portable, light weight and compact, chemical free water purifiers. These purification systems are comprehensively effective against all three classes of contaminants: Chemical, Microbiological and Aesthetic....foul tastes, odours and colours.

The First Need series are used by the US Army and UN Peace Keeping Forces. Now with adapters "Direct-Connect" to Sigg, Platypus, Camelbak and other popular flexible bottle and hydration packs.


The Microlite unit is a compact, handy, micro water filter, not a purifier. Microlite unit is recommended only for usage in waters considered free from bacteria and viruses. Microlite system when used in tandom with biocide tablets is a purification system. This is what makes it different from the First Need series of portable chemical free water purifiers. It is ultra-light, ultra compact and completely self contained. No extra bag to carry inlet hose or instructions, it all fits right into the handle storage compartment. A soft rubber base cover keeps the dirt out. Designed to fit most standard hiking, biking and all sports water bottles.


Water-related illnesses affect nearly 40% of the travelling population. Medicines can treat only the symptoms, and these medicines often are difficult to obtain in foreign countries - prevention is always better than cure.

The First Need Trav-L-Pure helps ensure a healthy worry-free trip by removing the contaminants which cause distressing waterbone illnesses. When travelling, you and your family can stay healthy and properly hydrated with deliciously refreshing, safe water from First Need Trav-L-Pure. Ecologically safe - no chemicals are required.

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